Lederach Architecture

Architecture + Sustainable Design

Service Philosophy Statements

Clients come to Lederach Architecture because:

  • We are Success Seekers NOT Failure Avoiders.
  • We have humility to accept feedback – Feedback = Knowledge and better understanding.
  • We recognize that better ideas arise from working together and lead to discovery through unexpected sources.
  • We recognize that successful design and building comes from collaboration and communication.
  • We have a willingness to explore possibilities – never just a single solution.
  • We respond to the needs, values and contexts of the people who occupy a building to provide functional design solutions.
  • We work with what you to try to make it better.
  • We build on a strong legacy by sharing knowledge and experiences for a stronger and meaningful outcome.
  • We engage to enrich the solution.
  • We recognize that Architecture is more than the aesthetics and philosophy, it’s also about making our clients lives better.
  • We recognize that today’s modern design is economically, culturally and environmentally sensitive.
  • We recognize that EVERY project’s inspiration is unique and is inspired by its people and environment.