Phil Lederach

Phil Lederach

Phil grew up with all aspects of the architectural profession surrounding him – from his grandfather, Charles M. Talley, RA, AIA, his aunt, Bernice (Talley) Jones, one of the first female graduates of the Architecture School of the University of Pennsylvania, and his father, Paul E. Lederach, Jr., RA, AIA.  Phil started architectural drafting in 1972, providing him today with nearly 50 years of experience within the profession. His grandfather’s teaching instilled in him the Ecole des Beaux Art traditions. His father instilled in him the importance of quality construction documents, and the importance to recognize the knowledge that an experienced tradesman brings to a project.

Phil graduated from Spring Garden College, Philadelphia, PA with Bachelor of Science Degrees in Construction Engineering Technology, and Architecture. Phil completed his architectural studies with a Masters Degree in Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). He concentrated his Master’s studies on the benefits of solar architecture and how architecture shapes and influences people. Phil has always believed in the therapeutic and beneficial qualities of daylight light and the natural environment.  He continues to make this his focus of attention in his projects today.  Much of what Phil began exploring in the late 70’s, and the decades later, have evolved into what is commonly practiced today as “Green Architecture”, “Sustainable Design”, or LEEDS.

Phil and his wife have resided in a passive solar house in Lederach, PA since 1983.  Phil was active in the Lower Salford Township Planning Commission for over 26 years where he was influential in implementing one of the first cluster housing development zoning  ordinances in Montgomery County, PA. He was also instrumental in the preservation of the Township’s villages by continuing to put emphasis on open space preservation and the expansion of the community trail system, secured land for park areas for both active and passive uses, and implemented other zoning initiatives to assist in preserving scenic views and open space, as well as recommending design standards for development to be done in a functional, yet environmentally sensitive and aesthetically pleasing manner.

In 2006, Phil was recognized by his high school Alma Mater, Christopher Dock Mennonite High School Alumni Association, with their Outstanding Achievement Award for his academic, professional and business accomplishments since graduation.

Phil enjoys the American Southwest and exploring it on horseback. He is especially fascinated with Native American architecture of Chaco Canyon; Gila Cliff Dwellings; White House Ruins, Canyon DeChelly; Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde; Acoma, Zuni, and Taos Pueblos…… In addition, Phil enjoys exploring and discovering rock art of the southwest. Phil collects Native American fetishes, and mechanical clocks. In his spare time (what little he has) he enjoys woodworking.